No single issue happens in a vacuum. So often, we think in our silos to solve problems, but this only puts a bandaid on the issue. We must push ourselves to think about systemic issues as an intricate puzzle, with each problem a single piece interconnecting with another issue. It’s only when we look at the whole puzzle that we’ll be able to confront each individual problem.



A quality education is the key to uplifting any person, or group. It is essential that we continue to improve our public school system from the bottom up, starting with pre-k and working up to higher education.

Most Recent Bills > Socio-Emot. Learning, Comm. Schools


Every person, community, and neighborhood deserves a healthy environment to raise a family. While pushing policies like the Green New Deal, we can also provide thousands of good paying jobs in clean energy.

Health Care

We must increase coverage, support small businesses, expand primary care, and lower premiums. Medicare for All is the next step toward addressing inequalities. In 2018, Medicaid Expansion passed allowing over 230,000 people to gain coverage here in Virginia.





I made a pledge to campaign free from special interest donations so that I can support, uplift, and show how powerful our grassroot networks are. While I was the first elected to take this pledge, VA is now covered in elected officials who have taken similar pledges.

Voter Access

It should not be difficult to exercise your right to vote. In order for your voice to be heard, I believe it is my duty to expand and make it easier to vote. This includes longer voting hours, and no - absentee voting.

Gun Violence


There are nearly 13,000 gun homicides a year in the US. Marginalized and minority groups are regularly inflicted by this systemic issue and have been left powerless. To protect our vulnerable communities, VA must implement a comprehensive gun violence prevention plan

Most Recent Bills > Public Entities Protection


Women's Rights

Women are crucial to driving innovation, growth, & prosperity in our country. Too many people face discrimination and we must take every opportunity to stand up and fight for equality. I support women's right to choose, any measure to close the gender pay gap, & the Equal Rights Amendment.

Most Recent Bills > Equal Rights Amendment



To improve the economic well-being & quality of life for our VA communities we have to lay the groundwork for multilateral policies. We must recognize the role of early childhood education, criminal justice reform, neighborhood desegregation, and economic diversification has on our overall success.

Most Recent Bills > Green New Deal, Blockchain Tech.

LGBTQ & Minority


We have made great gains recently, but the fight is not over. We must continue to make progress toward equal rights for all. I will advocate to preserve and expand protections and end harmful practices that disproportionately affect the LGBTQ & Minority communities.

Most Recent Bills > Fair Housing Law, Grocery Fund

A Note From Sam

My office exists in order to better help you, I serve so that I can assist you with advocating for the causes that matter most to you. I look forward to working with you to draft legislation, connect you to government agencies, speak at your events, write commending or memorial resolutions, or even send a happy birthday letter to your loved-ones. I am here to advocate for policies that uplift your life. It is the honor of my lifetime to be able to serve you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever assist you.

My best,

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