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Community Impact!

Office of Delegate Sam Rasoul

Community Impact, Projects, and Philanthropy

Current Projects

  • The Impact Center: Empowering you to make a difference through facilitating mobilization, leadership training, and helping local projects happen!
  • ShopNoke Local Shopping Website: We want to level the playing field for local businesses in online shopping by creating a multi-vendor website so people can buy local goods with ease.  Vendors  can sign up for free at!  We are currently in beta testing as we get as many sellers and products as possible on board.
  • New Chapter Housing: We are currently working with God’s House Baptist Ministry on a house off of Melrose Avenue in Roanoke. Transitional housing is important for recently released ex-offenders to provide a space for job searching, job training, and access to rehabilitative services. Ex-offenders may receive job training by working to fix up the structure they will eventually occupy.
  • Elevating Lives Initiative: We’re working with Greenvale School and the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) on a pilot program to remove challenges for low-income families in Northwest Roanoke who seek to better their lives and their families’ futures.  This partnership focuses on child care, which can present a significant barrier relative to a person’s ability to participate in job training and placement programs.

Our Valley, Our Pledge

To honor a campaign promise, we have created “Our Valley, Our Pledge.” I promised to contribute half my salary as Delegate back to charities around the Roanoke Valley. See community recipients below.

To be eligible to participate in Our Valley, Our Pledge, your organization must:

be headquartered in Roanoke
be a registered non-profit with a 501 c(3) status
serve the Roanoke Valley

Here are just some of the organizations that have received donations so far.  Be sure to check out the links to see all the great work they are doing in our region!

Want to suggest a charity?

Contact us here: